Complete Set of AAC Machine
Concrete Spun Pile Equipment
  PLC Control System
  Pile Mould
  Pile Spinning Machine
  Tension Parts (5 pcs per Set)
Set of Concrete Spun Pole Equipment
  Pole Mould
  Pole Spinning Machine
  Tension Parts
  Other Pole Equipment
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On July 22, 2012 our company was issued the national invention patent certificate by the Chinese government for block (panel) separating machine developed by our company for AAC industry. [2012-08-27] (Read8130)
Congratulations! On July 18, 2012 our company signed the turnkey contract with FAW located in Changchun China for supply of fly-ash-based AAC production line in production capacity of 320,000m3 per year. [2012-08-27] (Read8345)
On July 10, 2012 the automatic packaging line fabricated by our company for Hebei Chengde AAC plant passed the load commissioning and put into operation. [2012-08-27] (Read9653)
On July 2, 2012 the thermal film thrinkage covering machine developed and innovated by us for AAC plant successfully passed the individual commissioning in our workshop. [2012-08-27] (Read6978)
Ningxia Shi-zui-shan AAC Plant contracted and supplied by our company was completed in construction and was put into trial production smoothly on June 26, 2012. [2012-08-27] (Read7169)
On May 2 through May 18, 2012, ISO9001-quality-management system-related knowledge and training for the year of 2012 was conducted in our company with foreman and upper-level staff and all administrative personnel being attended.  [2012-08-27] (Read11967)
On April 20, 2012 our company signed the supply contract with some customer in Middle East for supply of concrete spun pile and pole production lines. [2012-08-27] (Read8821)
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